Sunday, 29 May 2011

Old Macdonald had a farm...

hello my lovelies

as you do I had a creative streak the other day moulding my little creations till my fingers fell off!

theres new listings in my shop farm animals so to speak! and to make things even better my dear friend gave me a really good idea for my next theme *drum rolls* the Chinese Zodiac :D I've already made a ram so I just need to make the other 11 :D woooo!

so as promised here are my newest creations for you to aweee at

Cutie lil mouse

Moomoo Cow Necklace

Fluffy Lil Ram

Pretty Piggy

Cutie Duckie

Cutie Chicken

looking back now from when i first started I must comment that I have greatly improved and established my design, my collection of jewellery that all go together :) thank you everyone for your support! really really appreciate it!! 


Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Just Desserts and 10% discount for Facebook fans

been a busy bee today making some new pieces for my Etsy Shop. listed up 3 of many desserts I've lovingly made inspired by the summer and the seasides where you get your yummy ice creams :D plan to do all different flavours my personal favourite ice cream is mint chocolate chip! Havent gone and made that flavour yet but I will!!!

Pink Cupcake with Cherry on top and sprinkles! Requested by my friend Amber

strawberrylicious Ice cream yummy! 

Chocolate chip Ice cream with wafer 
so here they all are all up and ready for you lovely people :D

So Ive now set up a date for my move back to Winchester and I'm leaving Bath on the 12th June!! so I have 4 weeks of packing to do!! eeeep!

As you already know TrueCutie has its own fan page so you lovely people can get all the up to date new listings and offers and just to say thank you for your support I've decided to create a discount code for you guys! get 10% off all my jewellery when you shop at my Etsy Store and if you have not liked my page yet to claim your 10% discount code then you better get going!


Monday, 9 May 2011

And the Winner is.....

First of all I would like to thank everyone for participating in this giveaway and hopefully there will be more to come in the future!!

so the Winner for the Octopus Necklace giveaway is.... Gloria Palmer-Steiger!! congratulations!!! hopefully you have received my message :)

I myself have been a lucky winner during an easter giveaway these cute little magnets just came through the post :3

Made by Sugarplum Fairyland

Please follow Sugarplum Fairyland her handmade keychains and brooches are super kawaii!

here are a few of my favourite items from her shop on Etsy

Panda Brooch :3
red mushroom keychain