Tuesday, 29 March 2011

New treasury list!

here is my newly created treasury list! all these items are sold on Etsy! please check out all their other items are they are all very cute! to view my teasury list please click here!

quick update! I am planning on a freebie for one lucky winner once i have 50 likes on my facebook page if you havent already liked my page or you would like a chance to win! please visit my page 

I have a good idea what I am going to make for this prize draw so please watch this space! 

Im heading down to winchester after work for a few days to pick up supplies and visit family and friends! sadly i wont be able to visit my mum on mothers day but seeing her before hand is just as good! she has requested for a present for her garden. 

wisteria falls 

luckily i get paid this week so i will be able to afford a couple! 

another little feature! 

I had been included in Reflectivedreams treasury 'all the pretty colours' please check out her shop! and all these other items included in the treasury

Tuesday, 22 March 2011


good evening everyone!

Was meaning to post this a bit sooner but I just got caught up on other things :)

just wanted to let you know that JI JI KIKI has now a collection of Octopi necklaces in stock!

 I would like to have this oportunity to say again thank you so much Emma for giving me the opportunity to show my little cuties on her website :) she has done an amazing job as always as I myself have always admired JI JI KIKI

here is the actual LINK to view my Octopi on JI JI KIKI. I urge everyone to go onto this website and check out all the other cutie and quirky products sold on Emma's Site :) and the best part is free shipping!!

fingers crossed that my cutie Octopi find new homes!!


Saturday, 19 March 2011

A day of moulding

(in the making process ready for baking)
Today has been very productive as I have started my new collection 'Cutie Sea Life' yes i know lots more Octopi but I have made my Octopi for a trial I am doing for JI JI KIKI lets hope my little creations will find new homes!!

heres a photo of them all together and complete! in my opinion they all look like smarties all together!!
colours of the rainbow (almost)

 and here is the newest addition to the Cutie family! Cutie Goldfish! unfortunately i have run out of sterling silver finding so i could not attach her to a necklace

now as for my inspiration for the 'Sea Life' range is funny enough all came up from watching finding nemo :) I've always enjoyed watching that movie and have a real craving for watching it today! I remembered that trip i took to Bristol aquarium last year and hopefully plan to make another one soon to look at all the pretty fishes. will give me more inspiration when i go there! last time I went I brought myself a little booklet and flicking through it now has suddenly given me a burst of ideas!!! just wish that I can work faster into making these little creations! will have to plan all these out in my next day off!! 

will soon list my little Cutie Goldfish once my Sterling Silver finding make their way through the post! 
I buy most of them online since the main Supply shop I go to is Winchester and since its two hours away from where I live currently. I don't really make the trip often :P luckily World of Beads has an online store so I can shop to my hearts content without paying for a train ticket!! 

note to self: buy more fimo!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Support Japan - My new Purchase

just a quick update literally as its now 11.26pm in the UK 

my heart goes out to those who have suffered in Japan and I pray for their health and safety. browsing through my Etsy Team I caught my eye on a particular seller who has produced an Item which all the proceeds will go to the Red Cross Little Honey pie headbands there is a selection of two different coloured bows one white and one red 

I've just purchase the Red bow. my money will help the cause but it will definitely make a difference if you help too! 


What I'm Working on Now 16/03

For a while now I've been taking a  break on my Jewellery so I can see if any of my other products will sell and so far I have struggled to promote them. guess not a lot of people are aware of me yet. I have joined a team on Etsy called Strut your Stuff which has been very helpful! I've met other designers who have similar problems and by linking/following each other has been the best method of getting yourself out there! if you havent already you must go visit my shop!

cutting to the chase....

I'm currently focusing my work on one project at the moment which is my Octopi theme. They have been very popular amongst my friends and I am currently making a little selection of Octopi necklaces in all different colours slowly developing this little collection. here is a few of my current octopi that are on sale now in my Etsy shop!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011



Nice to meet you!

After a few days of consideration I decided to make a blog for other to keep up to date with my work and news of some shape or form, however, I must say I wont be able to do this everyday since I have a full time job (dont we all?) but I will try my best!

so anyway cutting to the chase.... others may know that I have a little Brand TrueCutie hence the name of this blog but if you are new then I will fill you in on the details :)

TrueCutie all began in January 2011. Before that I have always planned to create my little creations and i must give a huge Thanks for the support of my friends and a even bigger thank you to my boyfriend Ray who made this all happen :) if it wasnt for him It would have been a longer process and a kick up the butt to shift and start on this new adventure to the land of Jewellery Making!!