Tuesday, 15 March 2011



Nice to meet you!

After a few days of consideration I decided to make a blog for other to keep up to date with my work and news of some shape or form, however, I must say I wont be able to do this everyday since I have a full time job (dont we all?) but I will try my best!

so anyway cutting to the chase.... others may know that I have a little Brand TrueCutie hence the name of this blog but if you are new then I will fill you in on the details :)

TrueCutie all began in January 2011. Before that I have always planned to create my little creations and i must give a huge Thanks for the support of my friends and a even bigger thank you to my boyfriend Ray who made this all happen :) if it wasnt for him It would have been a longer process and a kick up the butt to shift and start on this new adventure to the land of Jewellery Making!!


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