Tuesday, 22 March 2011


good evening everyone!

Was meaning to post this a bit sooner but I just got caught up on other things :)

just wanted to let you know that JI JI KIKI has now a collection of Octopi necklaces in stock!

 I would like to have this oportunity to say again thank you so much Emma for giving me the opportunity to show my little cuties on her website :) she has done an amazing job as always as I myself have always admired JI JI KIKI

here is the actual LINK to view my Octopi on JI JI KIKI. I urge everyone to go onto this website and check out all the other cutie and quirky products sold on Emma's Site :) and the best part is free shipping!!

fingers crossed that my cutie Octopi find new homes!!



  1. How cute are these! Do you do crabs by chance?

    Following via strut. You can follow here if you'd like!


  2. thank you so much :D Im currently doing sea creatures and I could do crabs :D will have to try making those tomorrow :D will post up pictures when im done :)