Wednesday, 16 March 2011

What I'm Working on Now 16/03

For a while now I've been taking a  break on my Jewellery so I can see if any of my other products will sell and so far I have struggled to promote them. guess not a lot of people are aware of me yet. I have joined a team on Etsy called Strut your Stuff which has been very helpful! I've met other designers who have similar problems and by linking/following each other has been the best method of getting yourself out there! if you havent already you must go visit my shop!

cutting to the chase....

I'm currently focusing my work on one project at the moment which is my Octopi theme. They have been very popular amongst my friends and I am currently making a little selection of Octopi necklaces in all different colours slowly developing this little collection. here is a few of my current octopi that are on sale now in my Etsy shop!

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  1. i love creative people :)
    nice work!!