Saturday, 19 March 2011

A day of moulding

(in the making process ready for baking)
Today has been very productive as I have started my new collection 'Cutie Sea Life' yes i know lots more Octopi but I have made my Octopi for a trial I am doing for JI JI KIKI lets hope my little creations will find new homes!!

heres a photo of them all together and complete! in my opinion they all look like smarties all together!!
colours of the rainbow (almost)

 and here is the newest addition to the Cutie family! Cutie Goldfish! unfortunately i have run out of sterling silver finding so i could not attach her to a necklace

now as for my inspiration for the 'Sea Life' range is funny enough all came up from watching finding nemo :) I've always enjoyed watching that movie and have a real craving for watching it today! I remembered that trip i took to Bristol aquarium last year and hopefully plan to make another one soon to look at all the pretty fishes. will give me more inspiration when i go there! last time I went I brought myself a little booklet and flicking through it now has suddenly given me a burst of ideas!!! just wish that I can work faster into making these little creations! will have to plan all these out in my next day off!! 

will soon list my little Cutie Goldfish once my Sterling Silver finding make their way through the post! 
I buy most of them online since the main Supply shop I go to is Winchester and since its two hours away from where I live currently. I don't really make the trip often :P luckily World of Beads has an online store so I can shop to my hearts content without paying for a train ticket!! 

note to self: buy more fimo!

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