Sunday, 17 April 2011

New Listings April

So sorry I havent been able to update for a while cos I'm recovering from food poisoning :( its the first time I've ever had it and its soooo horrible! going to be really careful with cooking food next time :P

anyway! now that I'm almost good as new I have been making up more of my little creations along the lines of the sea life collection :) they are all now listed up on my Etsy Shop and there will be more to come!

here are the newbies of April so far!

Flippy Flappy Gold Fishy 

Flippy Flappy Gold Fishy Blue


Charming Frog Prince

so This Dashing Prince isn't really a Sea Critter but he was just too darn cute to ignore! Inspired by the fairytale The Princess and the Frog and made one especially for my friend Frayer for her birthday :D

One for the Easter Holidays! -Cutie Yellow Bunny Earrings
So its the Easter Holidays coming up i thought I would make some bunny earrings for the occasion :) 

You might have seen on my Facebook page that i had made one for my best friend Angela for her birthday present which she requested a bunny necklace of the same colour with the letter A which I added to make it even more unique for her. 

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