Sunday, 10 April 2011

side project :)

hello everyone!

sorry i haven't updated in a while.. just been really busy visiting family over the past few weeks! I've begun very slowly moving my things out back to my parents house and when i say slowly I've been packing my suitcase each time with my things and getting on a 2 hour train to Winchester bit costly but I thought i might as well since I'm coming down. I wont be moving until June but since this year has gone by so quickly! I thought June really isn't that far away!

during my time away I have done a few miniature sketches of ideal Cutie necklaces and Earrings

I would really appreciate feedback from you guys about neck ware actually because at the moment I am selling suede cord necklaces and had a thought if i should also sell chain necklaces or give the option to the customer which they'd like when they make a purchase :) of course it will all be the same price :)

Hope everyone is well!!!



  1. This font gives me a headache everytime I read it @@

  2. oops Im sorry! Ive changed it now so hopefully be a lot easier on the eyes :D

  3. It's awesome now hehe thanks :)