Thursday, 26 July 2012

Its been a while.../Creative Day with Larissa!

So.... According to my last update I haven't used this blog for 9 months!!! and I'm really sorry! I really suck at doing these blogs and updating as frequently as possible, there really isnt an excuse for my absense... my real work has taken over and when i get home I dont feel like doing aything... which is pretty much what I do everyday. Days off are also days when i dont feel like doing much, which of course is non excuseble. I'm just plain LAZY!

(rant over)

What is new with Chatch then? Well... since May 24th I started Driving lessons and Today was my theory test and guess what! I Passed! Which has put me in a very good mood! and I went and had a bit of a shopping spree which involves my new obsession.... Hollister...(those shops with the bad lighting where you cant see the prices and everyones wearing them. even kids because their parents like it) So why have I joined the trend train? Other than beautiful people to gawk at when your browsing at their ridiculously priced 'surf wear' the quality of the clothes/material is incredible! turning me into a fabric snob. No I cannot afford to change my wadrobe purchasing more of these clothes and No I do not think its right to just employ their staff based on looks but I just like it because of the way it feels against my skin :D brought myself a lovely pair of tan coloured shorts that included a belt for £26 (now to me thats exspensive but i jusified it because I saved myself from buying it full price £44) and a lovely red floral strapless dress for the same price! total price £53... which isnt so bad since they were on sale. Got myself a couple of bras from John Lewis because I was overdue a bra fitting which I regretted instantly because my old size was 34D now 36C no difference except that I gained a few inches! (shame on myself for gaining weight! Yes I am one of those girls who complain about my weight but thats just me! normal girl things we all fret about. I already understand I'd never be a Victoria Secrets model)  Oh well got to put down the fork and into those running shoes!

(second personal update over)

Now on to why you lovely readers are here!

'Despicable Me' keyring I made for Ray

Last Sunday I had a creative day with my friend Larissa. Did a bit of shopping before we started so we had the supplies etc. got to her house and rolled up our sleeves and began! showed her the ways of polymer clay! in my bundle of colours she found the glittery red clay that I havent used yet and she really wanted to make ruby red slippers from the 'Wizard of Oz' but she just couldnt get her head round to making a pair of shoes! while I decided to make another 'Despicable Me' Minion but I didnt get into the right flow of making it you know that feeling where you made someone amazing once and can never repeat it? Yes it was that! instead I eneded up spending 4 hours on making a sushi hair clip by making 4 different kinds of sushi and planting them on a clip. Larissa and I found glow in the dark fimo I didnt realise I had and made a PacMan ghost keyring and a cow with glow in the dark horns! thought I forgot to take pics of them! but here is my sushi pics in progress.

first start of my first piece of sushi. had to individually make grains of rice to make it look realistic.

all four pieces done!

finished product!

Unfortunatly since Larissa's Oven was different to mine we acidentally burnt our creations!! but I managed to sand down a bit of my sushi to make them look whiter but I think I'll keep this one as a proto type and make more! non burnt sushi!

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