Monday, 30 July 2012

Tokonatsu 2012! and Hairclips!

I can't sleep! too many thoughts in my head! Excitement, agitation, nervousness and eagerness is what I am currently feeling right now and that is because of Tokonatsu!

A year has past already and I am so excited to see those old faces I haven't seen either since May or last year! A whole weekend is not enough time to catch up with them but I will have to try wont I? I've made myself so busy this week as the task is to complete as many projects as possible before Friday, which is when I will grab an early train to Milton Keynes with Ray and his friend James. A Tokonatsu Virgin. I've been going since 2008 and have never stopped. It's my favourite place to go to meet up with old and new friends because this place is such a different world to all the others Im familiar of that gives me a place to completely be myself! If you haven't already heard of such place I'd advise going to their official website or if you'd like to read a full personal experience this is a link to an article I wrote last year for Gina's Anime Website.  I won't bore people to death by writing another one!

So this year I will be putting up my stall again but this time it will be slightly better and more prepared than last year since last year was literally my stock and business cards. This year will be hopefully more beautiful as I will be more prepared with displays :D wish me luck! as you may have already seen I have given my fans a sneak preview of what there is to come! if you haven't seen it here it is again!

Finished Hairclips ready for sale.
I've chosen to not put them up on Etsy just yet as this stock is actually for Toko but If you are really interested in any of them please don't hesitate to contact me in regards to what style and size you'd like! I'm currently charging £12 for smaller hair clips and £15 for larger ones :D I really, really hope that these will become more successful than my jewellery because in the past few weeks I have really enjoyed making these! I've been wearing the prototypes (which I burnt by mistake) and got a lot of positive feedback! I promise these beauties are non burnt! turns out they only needed 5 minutes!

each piece of sushi had to be formed with individual grains of rice so they looked extra yummy!

army of sushi coming up!

time to add the filling!

It was about time I started making Onigiri because that is my screen name.

I thought I'd make these cute hair clips because these cuties definitely have character! especially the one that got bitten, weirdly enough the one thats upside down looks happy about it but I can assure you he isn't.  Had to resist on wanting to keep these for myself since these are for Toko stock! Tomorrow I think I will go out and buy more hair clips because this is actually starting to get addictive....

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